This is an 8-week workshop with an approach to food that is vastly different from any other you’ve tried. This is NOT a “diet” program. There are no rules to follow, no lists of restricted or allowed foods, and most importantly, NO DEPRIVATION AND GUILT! The Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Program teaches you a new set of skills and strategies to EMPOWER you in your relationship with food and physical activity. Emotional and mindless eating will be a thing of the past!

Workshop Includes:

  • 8 sessions (one per week)
  • Workshop materials: Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat by Dr. Michelle May and Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Program Workbook and Awareness Journal
  • Access to the Participant Portal, a secure website where participants can access assessments, a forum to chat with other participants, a virtual coach and more
  • Daily Mindful Moment motivational email
  • Weekly Workshop Summary and Action Plan email


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- From Our Customers -

“I started this program with my head hung low and feeling like this was my last-ditch effort for my binge eating and bad relationship I had with food.  Faye graciously took me under her wings and made me feel like I was going to be okay and that we were going to get through this…together! Week by week, I felt like all of the shame and guilt I had with food was slowly leaving.  Faye gave me the support I needed and I knew I could email or text her and she would be right there to be the positive influence I needed. By the completion of this program, not only did I feel a newness towards myself but I felt I now had a wonderful relationship with food and I have a friend for life with Faye!  I can’t speak enough about how this program has helped me and I would recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with food choices and yo-yo dieting.  This program works, plain and simple!!  Trust me, if I can conquer my bad relationship with food, anyone can!”